Dungeon Name/Level Hero Conquest Overlord Conquest Result Entered Date
Bitter Downs10  (+0)10Heroes FleeAugust 21, 3:19 am
1. Trial by Fire1010
Guardian Hills  (Rumor)3043  (+13)Dungeon CompleteAugust 6, 2:15 am
1. Collapsed Columns63
2. The Ancient Library512
3. The Dark Shard1928
Gardens of Tarn12  (+5)7Heroes FleeJuly 10, 2:24 pm
1. The Bridge of Death62
2. King of the Mountain65
3. Eternal Prisoner00
Thelsvan Highway1827  (+9)Heroes FleeJuly 10, 1:14 am
1. Reflections810
2. The Throne Room1017
3. Shreds of Night00
Starfall Forest726  (+19)Heroes FleeJuly 10, 12:59 am
1. Dragon's Lair711
2. The Secret Garden015

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