Dungeon Name/Level Hero Conquest Overlord Conquest Result Entered Date
Misty Plains0  (+0)0In ProgressJune 13, 11:22 pm
1. The Inquisition00
Blackthorn Grove4464  (+20)Dungeon CompleteJune 13, 5:25 pm
1. Trial by Fire1325
2. Up and Down1216
3. Divide and Conquer1923
Bitter Downs6  (+3)3Heroes FleeJune 7, 11:20 pm
1. The Graveyard63
Guardian Hills26  (+1)25Dungeon CompleteJune 6, 6:29 pm
1. Cursed Fountain65
2. Downward Spiral97
3. Stuck in the Middle1113
Thelsvan Highway2227  (+5)Dungeon CompleteMay 21, 8:18 pm
1. Cavern of the Wyrm69
2. Sea Dragon's Lair1213
3. Monastery45

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