A player can always be edited from the "Play" screen. Player information such as name, conquest value, and trait dice can all be edited. These edits will not be displayed in the "Recent Actions" list since it is not considered an action, which also means that these edits are not undoable. Even though the edits are not undoable, they are easy to change back to their original values using edit again.

For hero players, it is possible that (most likely towards the beginning of the campaign) that they will switch primary traits. This could happen with a hero who gets 2 melee trait dice and 1 magic trait die for example. If that hero started out using a melee weapon, then when creating the campaign, you would enter 2 for the heroes black dice. If later that hero started using a magic weapon, then you would edit the player, changing their two black dice to one. It it safe to change these numbers at anytime, as the heroes primary attributes change because of the weapon they are using. Be sure to include any trait dice upgrades the hero has purchased for the new attribute that they are using.

For example, suppose a hero has 2 magic trait dice and 1 melee trait indicated on their hero sheet. They have also purchased 1 black die upgrade for magic attacks. If that hero switches to a melee weapon, you would edit the player indicating that they roll 1 black die. If they later switched back to a magic weapon, you would edit the player indicating that they roll 3 black dice.

When you have the choice between using an "edit" link verses using an action, use the action instead. For example, a player buys a black die upgrade. You could either edit the player's trait dice from their edit menu, or you could use the "Trait Dice Upgrade" action. Using the action is preferred since it logs the action as well as automatically updates the player's current trait dice, experience, and the heroes' gold. Using the edit menu only changes the player's trait dice, it doesn't give any of the other benefits. This same idea also applies to actions such as "Monster Upgrade" and "Treachery Upgrade."

Custom Actions
All players can always use "Custom Action." There are times when you will gain or spend conquest that will not have a normal action associated with it. A situation where this comes up are the dungeons which involve rescuing or killing villagers. In these situations you can use "Custom Action" to give or spend any amount of conquest with an action title of your own.

Custom actions can also be used to log information that doesn't involve conquest. This can be used to track interesting things that come up while you are playing, such as a hero killing six kobolds at once or an undying monster coming back to life eight times in a row.

Examples of how to use "Custom Action" is included on the "Custom Action" screen.

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