The two methods for viewing a campaign are "Play" and "View." "Play" is for tracking the campaign while you are currently playing, "View" is for seeing a lot of the campaign information at the same time. Throughout the rest of this help section, anything that refers to editing can only be done in "Play" mode. Switching between the two modes is as simple as selecting one of the two from the main menu. If you do not have access to edit the campaign, you will only see the "View" mode.

In "Play" mode, you will see many links for actions you can track. These links will changed based on what state the campaign is currently in, such as on the world map or in a dungeon. Directly under the main menu you will see the total amount of conquest as well as the conquest gained by the overlord and heroes. The number following the total inside of the parenthesis is the amount of conquest gained today. The amount of conquest required to enter the next campaign level is also displayed. The campaign does not actually enter the next campaign level until the "Time Passes" action is used.

Below the conquest display, you will see the total amount of gold that the heroes currently have. This number can be edited simply by clicking on it. There are also several links for easy addition or subtraction of gold which are found directly below the gold total. These numbers are common amounts that the heroes gain and spend, such as from gold piles, killing master monsters, or buying/selling treasures.

Next is a sentence explaining the current campaign state. This will explain where the heroes are located, and names of locations or dungeon levels if relevant. Below this are links for actions which can change the campaign state. These are for actions such as entering a dungeon, starting a lieutenant encounter, or updating the world map. There is a lot more information about Campaign States in the help section entitled "Campaign States."

The largest display is for the players. The left most four columns display the hero players, and the right most column displays the overlord player. Each column displays the name of the character (hero or avatar) as well as the player's actual name. Experience points are also displayed with the label "XP." This value is the total conquest gained for the player (hero total or overlord total) minus the amount of experience that player has spent. It is also possible to edit a player's basic information using the edit link in their column.

In "Play" mode, each player's column has a list of actions for that player. In "View" mode, information about that player is displayed instead. When in "Play" Mode, the four heroes will always display the same actions, while the overlord's actions will be different. When selecting an action for a hero, make sure to be clicking the appropriate action in their column. This will ensure that the information is tracked for that hero.

Most of the actions that are tracked will appear in the "Recent Actions" at the bottom of the "View" and "Play" pages. There is also an option to undo the most recent option if necessary. It is only possible to undo the most recent action, which brings up an important point. Be careful when you are tracking any sort of data. For most actions, it is not possible to go back and edit it later. Nearly all of these situations can be easily remedied but it is much simpler to make sure it is entered correctly the first time. For example, if you forgot to track a glyph that a hero picked up in a dungeon, simply use the "Glyph" action an extra time during the next dungeon.

With many actions, it is possible to enter a comment with that action. This can be used for any sort of purpose as you desire, ranging from a funny story about that action, a quick note to yourself, or something that you want to remember. These comments will be visible from the "Reports" page.

The "View" mode is very similar to the "Play" mode, except no actions can be used. Instead, a quick overview of campaign information is given. Whenever you are looking at a campaign that you do not have access to change, you will automatically be using the "View" mode.

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