The first thing to do if you want to use Descent Campaign Tracker is to create a username. This is done on the main page by clicking "Register." After you have done this, you can login with this new username and password. From this point you will be taken to the "Campaigns" menu which gives you three options, "My Campaigns", "All Campaigns", and "Create Campaign." Assuming you've never played before, your "My Campaigns" page will be empty. Clicking on "All Campaigns" will allow you to view any other campaign that is currently in progress. The players in that campaign may or may not be playing at the time, but you will be able to see the current state of the campaign as well as reports and diaries, if any.

After you have clicked around for awhile, you are probably ready to create your campaign. It is possible to track a brand new campaign or a campaign that is already in progress. In either case, you will go to the "Campaigns" page, and then select "Create Campaign." You will be presented with fields to fill in for your campaign. Not all of the information will be entered all at once; there are a few pages worth of things to set up. If you are tracking a campaign that you have already started, then you will be able to fill in the current conquest, experience, and gold totals as well.

Once your campaign is completely set up, you will be taken to the main campaign page for your campaign. "Play" mode allows you to make changes to and track your campaign and should be used while your group is actually playing the game. "View" mode gives you a lot of information about the campaign in a single place, such as monster levels, skills, dice upgrades, and plot cards. Switching between "View" and "Play" modes is as simple as selecting one from the main menu.

While in "Play" mode, you will see a lot of links that can be used to update your campaign. Those links are explained in more detail in other sections of the help pages, available from the "Help" menu. Be sure to read through these other sections, since they have a lot of very helpful information about how to use this website.

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