World Map
A campaign is in the world map state whenever the heroes are deciding where to travel to or the overlord is giving orders to his lieutenants. There are several different states to transition to from the world map, such as dungeons and encounters. These states are found in the middle of the screen, directly under the sentence explaining the current campaign state. To change the campaign state, simply click one of these actions and enter the requested information. The actions that will change the campaign state from the world map are "Encounter", "Lieutenant Encounter", "Dungeon", and "End Campaign."

The other actions you will see in this list while in the world map state are "Upgrade" and "World Map." The "Upgrade" action is used when the heroes want to purchase an upgrade for their party. Such upgrades include Tamalir upgrades, Party upgrades, and Ship upgrades. The "World Map" action is explained in more detail under the "World Map" help section.

The "Encounter" action is used whenever the heroes have an encounter which does not involve a lieutenant. There are several things to enter here. Location name and Incident name are taken from the respective cards when they are drawn from their decks. The other information involves the level of the encounter (this information is on the world map, not the card), as well as whether or not the heroes were ambushed. Finally, it is asked whether or the encounter is a combat encounter. In the case of a combat encounter, the campaign state will switch to being in an encounter. Otherwise, the heroes are simply returned to the world map and the encounter is logged.

In combat encounters, the list of actions for the heroes and overlord will change. Play out the encounter, selecting actions for heroes and the overlord as necessary. When the encounter is over, select the "End Encounter" action. If the encounter ends in Party Victory, then the encounter loot is automatically given to the heroes' total. Otherwise, the encounter is simply over.

After any encounter, it is important to update the heroes' location on the world map. The heroes' location is not automatically updated in any situation, since there are so many different possibilities for where they end up.

Lieutenant Encounters
The "Lieutenant Encounter" action is used whenever the heroes or the overlord initiates a lieutenant encounter. This action can only be selected when at least one lieutenant is alive. The main difference between a lieutenant encounter and a normal encounter is the "lieutenant kill" action for the heroes. When this action is used, the encounter is ended in a Party Victory, and the lieutenant is marked as killed (unless the "Permanently Dead" option is set to "No.") If the lieutenant is still alive, make sure their location is correct on the world map after the encounter is over.

The "Dungeon" action is used whenever the heroes enter a dungeon, be it a normal, rumor, legendary, island, or any other type of dungeon, including the overlord's keep. When selecting the "Dungeon" action, you will be prompted to enter the name (taken from the map), type, and the name of the first level (taken from the first dungeon card drawn). Once in a dungeon, you will see actions appear allowing the heroes to exit a dungeon or proceed to the next dungeon level. When going to the next dungeon level, you will be asked for its name and if it is the final level of the dungeon. If the last level option is selected, then last leader rewards will automatically be awarded when using the "Leader Kill" action.

The "End Dungeon" action should be used when the heroes are leaving the dungeon for any reason. Just like ending encounters, be sure to update the world map with the heroes' new position.

End Campaign
The "End Campaign" action is used when the campaign is finished. There are many ways for this to happen, including the heroes or the overlord winning, or the campaign was abandoned. When you use the "End Campaign" action, you will be prompted for the final result of the campaign, as well as how it ended. Once a campaign is in the "End Campaign" state, no other actions will be available for use. It is still possible to later undo the "End Campaign" action if you desire. This is especially helpful if the campaign was abandoned but you want to start it up again.

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