Descent campaign tracker is an online tool to assist you with playing Descent's advanced campaign system. Currently, that is the Road to Legend and the Sea of Blood expansions. These games have a lot of information to keep track of, such as conquest, experience, and maps. Descent campaign tracker simplifies a lot of that work, and also gives a convenient place to store the information, which is with you wherever there is a computer and the internet.

The best use of this website is to have some sort of computer nearby while you are playing your campaign. A laptop is the simplest since it can sit right next to the game easily. Whenever an action happens that can be tracked, simply input it into the website. These actions include things like activating a glyph, killing a hero, entering a dungeon, buying trait dice upgrades, and a lot more. Experience, conquest, and gold are all automatically updated, keeping your group more focused on the fun part of playing, instead of the upkeep.

This site is not associated with Fantasy Flight Games but does have permission to use its artwork as noted at the bottom of every page. This website is totally, 100% free to use. It was developed by me, Steven Yackel, a (huge) fan of the game, in my spare time. My Board Game Geek username is spazard1 if you want to look me up.

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Descent Campaign Tracker is created and maintained by Steven Yackel. (BGG: spazard1)  Please report any bugs you encounter. 
Descent Campaign Tracker has been hosted by Steven Yackel until 2014 for free. Since 2014 BGG: ionas / hosts it for free.