Total Conquest: 290 (0)
Heroes: 118 (0)   Overlord: 172 (0)
Silver Level  (110 conquest until Gold Level)

Gold: 650

The heroes are currently on the World Map at the Dungeon Gardens of Tarn. It is game week 13.

Upgrades: Bazaar (2), Cathedral, Enchanted Boat, Great Bazaar, Great Wall, Kerak's Map, Staff of the Wild

XP: 12    CV: 3

Master Archer

Dwarven Fire Bombs
Chain Mail
Crystal Shield
Archer's charm
reste 1 pv
1 potion de pouvoir
1 subterfuge

Landrec the Wise
XP: 76    CV: 2

Quick Casting

Gauntlet's of Power
Wizard's Robe
Ring of Quickness
Drain Life
Cone of Fire
2 potion de fatigue
2 wizardly
1 potion de puissance

XP: 71    CV: 3

Burglar, Cautious

Crystal shield
Hache Volante
Falcon's Claw
Cloak of Deception
1 potion de fatigue
1 subterfuge

Sir Valadir
XP: 7    CV: 3

Unmoveable, Relentless

Dragon Tooth's Hammer
Chain Mail
Ring of protection
Belt of Strength
Grinding Axe
Mace of Kellos
Amulet of Healing
1 melee
1 potion de pouvoir
1 potion de vie
1 potion de fatigue

The Titan
XP: 12

Beast Level: Gold
Eldrich Level: Copper
Humanoid Level: Silver

Event: 1, Monster: 2, Trap: 0

Avatar Upgrades:
Fiery Armor, Focused, Greater Ogres, Lawlessness, Siege Engines

Plot Cards:
The Temple of Earth

Recent Actions   View All ActionsCommentsTime
The world map has been updated, iteration 22. The heroes receive 1 conquest for visiting the dungeon Gardens of Tarn. The heroes receive 2 conquest from Divine Favor.
July 6, 3:48 pm
The world map has been updated, iteration 21.
July 6, 3:46 pm
The Titan has destroyed 2 cities, which grants 3 conquest for time passes.
July 6, 3:44 pm
The heroes have purchased the Tamalir upgrade Cathedral for 5 experience.
July 6, 3:43 pm
The heroes have ended a lieutenant encounter with a Lieutenant Fled for 425 gold.
July 6, 3:42 pm

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