Total Conquest: 170 (0)
Heroes: 56 (0)   Overlord: 114 (0)
Copper Level  (30 conquest until Silver Level)

Gold: 1075

The heroes are currently on the World Map at the City Gafford. It is game week 13.

Upgrades: Elven Sails, Hawkeye Cannon, Sloop, The Dead Man's Compass

Andira Runehand
XP: 26    CV: 3


Leather Armor
Staff of Punishment
Ring of Protection
Mana Weave
Ring of Quickness
2 potions de fatigue
1 potion de puissance
2 magic
2 map piece

XP: 26    CV: 4

Counter Attack

Secret Trainings:
Copper HP

B√Ęton de marche
Plate mail
Ring of quickness
2 potion de puissance
1 potion de fatigue
2 melee

Laurel of Bloodwood
XP: 26    CV: 3

Lucky, Born to the Bow

Arc Magique
2 potions de fatigue
1 potions de puissance
1 potion de vie
2 subterfuge

Okaluk and Rakash
XP: 11    CV: 3


Secret Trainings:
Copper Fatigue

Dragontooth hammer
Armure lourde de cuir
3 potions de pouvoir
1 potion de fatigue
1 melee

Master of the Hunt
XP: 27

Beast Level: Silver
Eldrich Level: Copper
Humanoid Level: Copper

Event: 1, Monster: 0, Trap: 0

Avatar Upgrades:
Focused, Hounds of War, Lawlessness, Siege Engines, Toughened

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The world map has been updated, iteration 9.
May 24, 5:07 pm
The heroes have fled the dungeon Shrouded Gulf. The world map has been updated, iteration 8.
May 24, 5:02 pm
Okaluk and Rakash has died, giving the overlord 3 conquest.
May 24, 5:01 pm
Okaluk and Rakash opened a barrel which contained nothing.
May 24, 4:56 pm
Karnon has died, giving the overlord 4 conquest.
May 24, 4:55 pm

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