Total Conquest: 67 (0)
Heroes: 31 (0)   Overlord: 36 (0)
Copper Level  (133 conquest until Silver Level)

Gold: 5425

The heroes are currently on the World Map at the City Tamalir. It is game week 5.

Andira Runehand
flitz andira
XP: 31    CV: 3


Opferung, Naturtalent, Lederrüstung

flitz karnon
XP: 31    CV: 4


Schwert, Dolch, Felsenfest, Kettenrüstung

flitz shiver
XP: 31    CV: 3

Divine Retribution

Opferung, Göttliche Vergeltung, Lederrüstung

flitz slihouette
XP: 31    CV: 3

Master Archer

Armbrust, Meisterlicher Bogenschütze, Kristallschild (Kupferschatz)

The Great Wyrm
flitz qyrm
XP: 36

Beast Level: Copper
Eldrich Level: Copper
Humanoid Level: Copper

Event: 0, Monster: 0, Trap: 0

Avatar Upgrades:
Siege Engines

Plot Cards:
Dreams of Power

Recent Actions   View All ActionsCommentsTime
The heroes have fled the dungeon Caverns of Thuul. The world map has been updated, iteration 8.
May 18, 2018, 4:08 pm
Silhouette activated a Glyph for 3 conquest.
May 18, 2018, 4:07 pm
Silhouette loots rubins for 1000 gold.
May 18, 2018, 4:05 pm
Andira Runehand opened a chest which contained 1 treasure, 3 potions, and 150 gold. The Great Wyrm gained 1 conquest for All that Glitters.
May 18, 2018, 4:01 pm
Silhouette picked up a gold pile for 400 gold.
May 18, 2018, 4:00 pm

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