Total Conquest: 384 (0)
Heroes: 167 (0)   Overlord: 217 (0)
Silver Level  (16 conquest until Gold Level)

Gold: 425

The heroes are currently on the World Map at the City Tamalir. It is game week 22.

Upgrades: Bazaar, Cathedral, Great Bazaar

Arvel Worldwalker
XP: 5    CV: 3

Crack Shot, Mighty, Leadership, Furr the Spirit Wolf

Lord Hawthrorne
XP: 10    CV: 4

Brawler, Parry, Weapon Mastery, Tiger Tattoo

Okaluk and Rakash
XP: 20    CV: 3

Eagle Eye, Deflect Arrows, Rapid Fire

Runewitch Astarra
XP: 30    CV: 2

Quick Casting, Inner Fire, Blessing, Earth Pact

Controlado por todos os outros jogadores.

The Titan
XP: 7

Beast Level: Silver
Eldrich Level: Gold
Humanoid Level: Silver

Event: 0, Monster: 2, Trap: 0

Avatar Upgrades:
Dark Strength, Desperate Strength, Fiery Armor, Greater Ogres, Siege Engines, Toughened

Plot Cards:
Dreams of Power, The Temple of Waves, The Temple of Earth, The Temple of Wind, The Temple of Fire, The Harbinger Approaches

Recent Actions   View All ActionsCommentsTime
The Titan purchased the avatar upgrade Desperate Strength for 15 experience.
November 28, 10:45 am
The Titan has destroyed 3 cities, which grants 4 conquest for time passes.
November 28, 10:45 am
The heroes have spent/lost 750 gold, giving them a total of 425 gold.
November 28, 10:43 am
The heroes have spent/lost 750 gold, giving them a total of 1175 gold.
November 28, 10:43 am
The heroes have ended an encounter with a Party Victory for 400 gold.
November 28, 10:43 am

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