Total Conquest: 230 (0)
Heroes: 107 (0)   Overlord: 123 (0)
Silver Level  (170 conquest until Gold Level)

Gold: 6800

The heroes are currently on the World Map at the Dungeon Gate to the North. It is game week 9.

Upgrades: Enchanted Boat, Guide, Kerak's Map, Staff of the Wild

XP: 67    CV: 3


Grey Ker
XP: 67    CV: 3

Inner Fire, Pickpocket

Lord Hawthorne
XP: 67    CV: 4

Able Warrior, Mighty

Runemaster Thorn
XP: 67    CV: 2

Wild Talent

The Sorcerer King
XP: 3

Beast Level: Copper
Eldrich Level: Silver
Humanoid Level: Silver

Event: 1, Monster: 0, Trap: 2

Avatar Upgrades:
Arcane Energies, Phylactery, Snipers

Recent Actions   View All ActionsCommentsTime
The Sorcerer King purchased the avatar upgrade Snipers.
Beginning skill
February 23, 11:50 am
The world map has been updated, iteration 15. The heroes receive 1 conquest for visiting the dungeon Gate to the North.
February 22, 8:54 pm
The Sorcerer King purchased the silver level upgrade for eldrich monsters for 25 experience.
February 22, 8:51 pm
The Sorcerer King has destroyed 0 cities, which grants 1 conquest for time passes. The campaign has entered Silver Level.
February 22, 8:47 pm
The heroes have gained 250 gold, giving them a total of 6800 gold.
February 22, 8:37 pm

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