This bug has been resolved.

Wrong XP-Calculations using Custom Action
August 1, 2010, 5:10 am

Hi, I encountered the following bug: Trying to adjust the current week number I skipped on "Time Passes" by adding 1 XP to the overlord by a custom action. Everything seemed to be fine. Later I found out that the adjustment was wrong and I needed to increase the current week number. Therefore I entered one "Time passes" and took 2 XP from the overlord by a custom action. The available XP for the OL are correct. The XP gained in the active session were not decreased. Nor were the Total OL-XP and nor the total XP-Sum. Could you please correct the data in Hero XP 64 (correct) Overlord XP 69 (should be 67) Total XP 133 (should be 131) Many thanks Reimar

Resolution: fixed. the two custom action rows have been deleted.

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